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November 2016 BOLD Woman of the Month: Jeanine Robinson, NYC

We are Bold! An organization that exist to build up black women in the performing arts for the restoration of culture. We truly believe black women have and will change the world, and want to spotlight women who are doing just that!

Every month we will introduce you to one of our amazing BOLD women in our movement. We ask seven specific questions, which highlight the very different and unique journeys each one of us has, and hear about what has inspired them to shape culture through the performing arts.

This month we had the opportunity to chat with Jeanine Robinson an incredibly giving BOLD woman and we are so excited to share with you! Check out the interview below:

In which part(s) of ‘the biz’ are you involved?

I am a Singer/Actor.

Where are you from?

I'm from the San Francisco Bay Area.

What made you stay in New York for school and post-grad?

I moved to NYC to be on Broadway. Hasn't happened but I keep working on it..

What is your favorite part about the work you do?

I volunteer with Sing for your Seniors. An organization started seven years ago by an actress who wasn't getting fulfillment in just auditioning. She had a heart for senior citizens, and thought that professional actors of Broadway caliber could find the joy of singing off-stage again, and give that gift of good cheer to people who are in hospice and at the end of their lives.

I go to Calvary hospital in the Bronx and sing for an hour, and there is something about seeing the look on peoples faces when they hear music. It is a very healing thing. We sing all over NY and NJ and bring songs from our books and spend time with them.

I've been singing with them for three years, and I have developed as a singer from just being a part of this group! It just snatches me out of the audition funk I sometimes find myself in.

What is a challenge you face or a challenge you have overcome in your career?

For a woman of my size and color, I often am up for one dimensional characters . I have realized that a lot of the roles I go in for are the same character over and over, and while I have many amazing friends and mentors in the business, who have opened doors for me giving me opportunities to play in shows like Ragtime and the Music Man, it seems that it is still hard for people to imagine me in other roles, even the chorus.

What I do want to recognize and take ownership for is allowing these challenges and circumstances to strip me of my confidence. I am gaining that confidence back more and more and have learned not to let people take it away from me.

What project have you worked on that you are really proud of? What is a dream project for you?

I created my own Cabaret show called Songs My Mother Gave Me. My mom was a military wife, so she traveled a ton. Playing music was her way of finding her way back home. It features songs from Sinatra to Michael Jackson, Barbra Streisand, etc. it's a tribute to my Ma and the gift of music she gave me.

I wrote it, finance it, and am touring with it now. I get to sing songs that I love, that I want to sing, even if they are not made for me, someone of my gender, race, size, or ethnicity.

Diving into this world has made me realize that there are so many more facets to the black woman.

My dream is to play my show at Lincoln Jazz center!

When have you felt BOLD?

I feel most BOLD when I'm singing in my cabaret and singing at the cancer center in the Bronx. It reminds to keep sharing my singing no matter my age, color, weight etc.. music is needed now more than ever and I'm feel blessed to be able to share in this way.

Thank you Jeanine for sharing your story! You are BOLD! Be sure to follow us on instagram to see how this Bold woman is changing the world!

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