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At The Table: Leslie Lissaint

Every month we meet and sit down with women who remind us of what it means to live a BOLD life. Leslie Lissaint is a writer, poet, actress, dancer who wrote and stars in the one-woman show This is How We Heal playing this weekend at The Wild Project. In Leslie Lissaint’s premiere solo show she combines spoken word poetry, contemporary movement and live music as a vehicle for storytelling. This Is How We Heal is an autobiographical telling of one’s process to mend in light of the traumas of fatherlessness, drug addiction, mass incarceration and the loneliness that silence births. The show demonstrates the power of the body to tell the truth in order to fully embody freedom.

We were inspired by her vulnerability, her willingness to share, and how daring she is. Click play, and welcome to the table Leslie Lissaint.

Tell Us About Your Background:

What is This Is How We Heal and What Is Healing To You?

Tell Us About Your Team of Women:

What was the Process of Developing This Piece?

You talk a lot about relationships in the piece. Tell us about this exploration and the "Heart-work" required to have healthy relationships:

What Advice Would You Give To Women Wanting To Produce Their Own Show?

Who Are the Women That Influence You?

When Do you Feel BOLD?

Thank you Leslie for being BOLD and for showing us what it looks like to get free!

Presented as a part of Poetic License 2018: Reclamation See the full festival schedule HERE Director: Katherine George Dance Advisor: Hollie Wright Performer & writer : Leslie Lissaint Vocalist: Sojourner Brown Pianist : Ashley Dorce Violinist : Sarah Cangussu For more info on tickets click here

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