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The Ultimate Juneteenth Starter Kit

We thought we'd help you get started with planning how you'll celebrate Freedom Day!

Juneteenth (6/19/20) or Freedom Day is a celebration of when the Emancipation Proclamation was read in the last confederate state, Texas, granting freedom to our ancestors. For centuries African-Americans have celebrated this day by gathering and remembering their ancestors and their journey to freedom. 

1. The Playlist

For the Ladies!!! Hours of cookout music for your Juneteenth-social distanced-gathering. We are giving you everything from Anita Baker, to Ledisi, to Beyoncé, to Nikki Minaj. Bops and grooves to listen to with your girlfriends, while you suck on your chicken bones (or Tofu).  

2. The Food

Junteenth is all about celebration and every black celebration needs very black food! Here are a list of black owned restaurants to grab a bite from:

2. The Connection

Connection is fundamental in gathering. Taking a moment to have intentional conversation with those you love always leads to gratefulness for the journey your ancestors took to allow you to be in this present moment.

1. What does freedom mean to you? 2. Go back to the eldest woman you remember in your family? What was her story? 3. If you could choose one word to describe your family what would it be and why? 4. What legacy do you want to leave within your community?

We can't wait to see the ways you celebrate freedom on June 19th! Tag us in your photos #BOLDANDFREE @iamaboldwoman and we will feature you on our blog and Social Media Platforms.

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