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Meditations for BOLD Women Launches This Month

2020 was a year of extreme courage. Black women have been incredibly courageous in demanding change. We have marched in the streets, boldly told our stories of systemic racism, and had hard conversations with people close to our hearts. We have poured ourselves out in hope for change, all while being in a global pandemic that has taken many lives, jobs, and threatened our very existence. Now as we enter into a month of celebration of our roots; who we are and where we come from, BOLD wants to celebrate and pour into you. For the month of February we invite you to be BOLD enough to care for yourself. Each week we will provide you with resources that promote Silence, Solitude, and Stillness. We invite you to find a cozy spot and take ten to twenty minutes to be loved by us, BOLDly. It’s time to Relax, relate, and release.

Makes sure you stay tuned for the latest videos on Youtube and IGStory as well as download the companion sheet below:

Download PDF • 23KB

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