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At The Table: APAC's BOLD Women Of Follies

When you think of the 1971 musical Follies, what comes to mind? For me, everything but black women, but why. I must admit it is a combination of my limited imagination and the history of the show and its selection of actors. As I watched the show I learned quickly that while the show and it's writing will continue to have racial bias, it doesn't mean that black women cannot stitch their narrative into the fabric of the show, creating beautiful and vibrant possibilities.

The 1971 musical about a group of former Follies performers who reunite at their soon-to-be-demolished theatre for one last look at the past, marks APAC’s final production at the Good Shepherd United Methodist Church, and we had the pleasure to sit with three of it's leading ladies, who identify as BOLD women!

So pull up a seat and join us At The Table with Marcie Henderson, LaDonna Burns, Sharaé Moultrie, and BOLD Co-founder Tia DeShazor.

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Tell Us About Your Role in Follies

Talk to Us About Black Women And Sondheim

What is Your Favorite Moment in Follies

What is Your Favorite Moment in Follies

What is Your Favorite Thing About Being in This Business

Biggest Mistake and What You Learned

Tickets are $18 for adults and $12 for students and senior citizens, in advance, and are now available online at

The Good Shepherd United Methodist Church is located at 30-44 Crescent Street, Astoria, New York.

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