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3 Things That Make Me Say... YAS!

I don't know about you, but I am constantly looking for BOLD ways to to remind me of the power I have within. From watching Beychella, to reading May's Book Club selection, An American Marriage by Tayari Jones. We as women are in constant need of reminders and tools that show us we can defy the limits of society, breaking free from boxes, and thriving with edges, flawless skin, and our heads held high. So whats been inspiring me to live a BOLD life? Take a look below:


I recently saw the incredible Condola Rashad in Saint Joan and left so inspired by her performance and the script. As Saint Joan, Condola is unshakeable, certain, and sure of her identity and purpose to change the world around her. Because of this, the role fit like a glove for her. A black woman, who in her personal life is sure and confident in her role as an advocate and artist. Go check it out!


The Black Love documentary on OWN just started it's second season and I couldn't be more excited. The show explores the relationships between a diverse cast of couples, highlighting the challenges, triumphs, and difficulties of what it means to have "black love." When you take into account that many black folk are the products of ancestors who were enslaved and without rights, making their marriages more utilitarian, "black love" is actually a symbol of resilience and triumph, worthy of celebration. When watching, I often feel like I am being handed tools and insight on how to create a lasting and loving relationship with myself and others.


I was introduced to the enneagram by one of my favorite bands, Sleeping At Last, who after falling in love with the assessment began writing a song series about each "type." I took a free test with a friend and we stayed up until 3 am talking about it, it was eye-opening for me, and my life hasn't been the same. You can take the free test here. One of the leading contemporary thinkers on the tool, Christopher L. Heurertz says, "the Enneagram is a compassionate tool, sketching out possibilities and opportunities, pointing us back to our True Self. The Enneagram explains the “why” of how we think, act, and feel. The Enneagram helps us come to terms with our gifts as well as the addictive psychological patterns that tether us to our greatest interpersonal, spiritual, and emotional challenges." Doesn't that just make you want to drop everything and read more (Maybe I'm revealing my type... lol)?

What are you loving? Let us know by replying here or going to our BOLD Forum and commenting on the post!

To the moon,

Destinee Rea

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