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At the Table: Part 2 with Dr. Indira Etwaroo and LeKethia Dalcoe

We just couldn't get enough so we made a part 2. Every month we meet and sit down with women who remind us of what it means to live a BOLD life. Dr. Indira Etwaroo is the Executive Director of the Billie Holiday Theater in Brooklyn, NY which currently is running the world premiere of LeKethia Dalcoe's A Small Oak Tree Runs Red. These two women are not just producing and creating work that inspires, they are living inspirational lives. Click play, and welcome to the table Indira Etwaroo and LaKethia Dalcoe.

What Do You Want Black Women to Remember 

What Advice Do You Have About Self-Care 

What Advice can You Give to Women Working With Men In the #MeToo Era?

When Do You Feel BOLD?

To recall the historically ubiquitous practice of the lynching of African Americans in the US (some 3,437 were lynched between the years 1882 and 1951) and to take an unflinching look at the history of domestic terrorism in the US, A Small Oak Tree Runs Red by Brooklyn’s own LeKethia Dalcoe, directed by renowned actor and director, Harry Lennix, takes us to a place between reality and memory. 

New York Premiere. Presented by The Billie Holiday Theatre and RestorationART.

ClICK HERE FOR TICKETS | Preview Tickets: General Admission: $25

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