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At the Table: Harlem KW Project

Every month we meet and sit down with women who remind us of what it means to live a BOLD life. This month we are sitting down with Harlem KW Project. Harlem KW Project, LLC (HKWP) is a theatrical company created by Jaylene Clark Owens, Hollis Heath, Janelle Heatley, and Chyann Sapp. Together these ladies wrote the AUDELCO-winning play, Renaissance in the Belly of a Killer Whale, which is an evolving piece of theatre that focuses on preserving the rich culture and history of Harlem through the arts. Jaylene Clark Owens serves as the director. It is a look into the multifaceted issue of gentrification in Harlem through a fusion of spoken word poetry, theatre, song, and more!

What is Harlem KW Project?

What is Renaissance in the Belly of a Killer Whale?

What was the collaboration process like?

Tell us about the mergence of poetry and theatre?

How has growing up in Harlem impacted you as a black female artist?

When do you feel BOLD?

Learn more about the company at


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