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At The Table: Playwright Mfoniso Udofia

We had the pleasure of sitting with playwright extraordinaire Mfoniso Udofia to hear about her life and what exactly it is that makes her BOLD.

Having recently closed her two shows, Sojourners and Her Portmanteau, at NYTW, Mfoniso is a playwright the world has their eyes on. Learn about her life and work in these short video segments below.


Mfonsio Udofia talks about how her upbringing has influenced her work.


Mfoniso talks about the change she wants to see in the theatre industry.


Mfoniso talks about her nine-play cycle


Mfoniso talks about the importance of her pieces.


Mfoniso talks about her identity as a playwright


Mfonsio talks about what makes her feel brilliant


You can keep up with Mfoniso and all that she is doing on her website:

Mfoniso we applaud you and we thank you for being BOLD. For committing to bringing your full self to your work. For painting pictures with your words that continue to contribute to the telling of our stories. You are BOLD!

*Photo of Mfoniso Udofia by Frances F. Denny for The New York Times

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