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August/ September Read: letters to a young artist by Anna Deavere Smith

Our August read is letters to a young artist by Anna Deavere Smith. Check out what some of our BOLDIES said about this read:

"I have this book! My parents gave it to me years ago it's a fabulous read!"

-Gavyn Taylor Pickens

"... I CANNOT RECOMMEND THIS BOOK MORE HIGHLY!!! I was especially affected by the chapter that's about treating yourself on a gig as though you are a gorgeous home for rent, and the project & producers have taken out a lease. Renters will come and go: they're not special, and they're not particularly invested in the welfare of the house because they only need it for a little while. Make SURE they paint the walls back to white and DO NOT accept any excuses for damage to your fancy appliances. Because this house is the only one you have and it's yours FOREVER! They need to treat it well for the duration of their lease or be evicted, pronto!"

-Bliss Griffin

We suggest reading two to three chapters a day, and capturing things that stuck out to you with a highlighter and writing them in your journal. While reading the book alone will move you, discussing it in community helps it sink in deeper and gives you a glimpse into how this black woman's work is changing culture.

Pick up the book from your local book store or download it on your favorite device and discuss it with us:

September 12, 2016

Courtyard Marriott

1717 Broadway

4th Floor


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